All $\mathcal{N}=(8,0)$ AdS$_3$ Solutions in 10 and 11 Dimensions


We classify AdS$_3$ solutions preserving N=(8,0) supersymmetry in ten and eleven dimensions and find the local form of each of them. These include the AdS$_3times$S$^6$ solution of Dibitetto:2018ftj and the embeddings of AdS$_3$ into AdS$_4times$S$^7$, AdS$_5times$S$^5$, AdS$_7$/Ztextsubscriptk×S$^4$ and its IIA reduction within AdS$_7$. More interestingly we find solutions preserving the superconformal algebras f$_4$, su(1,1textbar4), osp(4textsuperscript*textbar4) on certain squashings of the 7-sphere. These solutions asymptote to AdS$_4times$S$^7$ and are promising candidates for holographic duals to defects in Chern-Simons matter theories.