A Scheme for Multipartite Entanglement Distribution via Separable Carriers


Abstract The ability to reliably distribute entanglement among the nodes of a network is an essential requirement for the development of effective quantum communication protocols and the realization of useful quantum networks. It has been demonstrated, in different contexts, that two remote systems can be entangled via local interactions with a carrier system that always remains in a separable state with respect to such distant particles. We develop a strategy for entanglement distribution via separable carriers that can be applied to any number of network nodes to achieve various entanglement distribution patterns. We show that our protocol results in multipartite entanglement, while the carrier mediating the process is always in a separable state with respect to the network. We provide examples showcasing the flexibility of our approach and propose a scheme of principle for the experimental demonstration of the protocol.

New Journal of Physics
Mauro Paternostro
Mauro Paternostro
Full Professor