Variations on S-fold CFTs


A local SL(2, $ℤ$) transformation on the Type IIB brane configuration gives rise to an interesting class of superconformal field theories, known as the S-fold CFTs. Previously it has been proposed that the corresponding quiver theory has a link involving the T(U(N)) theory. In this paper, we generalise the preceding result by studying quivers that contain a T(G) link, where G is self-dual under S-duality. In particular, the cases of G = SO(2N), USp$prime$(2N) and G2 are examined in detail. We propose the theories that arise from an appropriate insertion of an S-fold into a brane system, in the presence of an orientifold threeplane or an orientifold fiveplane. By analysing the moduli spaces, we test such a proposal against its S-dual configuration using mirror symmetry. The case of G2 corresponds to a novel class of quivers, whose brane construction is not available. We present several mirror pairs, containing G2 gauge groups, that have not been discussed before in the literature.