The Moduli Spaces of S-fold CFTs


An S-fold has played an important role in constructing supersymmetric field theories with interesting features. It can be viewed as a type of AdS4 solutions of Type IIB string theory where the fields in overlapping patches are glued by elements of SL(2, $ℤ$). This paper examines three dimensional quiver theories that arise from brane configurations with an inclusion of the S-fold. An important feature of such a quiver is that it contains a link, which is the T (U(N)) theory, between two U(N) groups, along with bifundamental and fundamental hypermultiplets. We systematically study the moduli spaces of those quiver theories, including the cases in which the non-zero Chern-Simons levels are turned on. A number of such moduli spaces turns out to have a very rich structure and tells us about the brane dynamics in the presence of an S-fold.