On AdS$_7$ Stability


AdS7 supersymmetric solutions in type IIA have been classified, and they are infinitely many. Moreover, every such solution has a non-supersymmetric sister. In this pa- per, we study the perturbative and non-perturbative stability of these non-supersymmetric solutions, focusing on cases without orientifolds. Perturbatively, we first look at the KK spectrum of spin-2 excitations. This does not exhibit instabilities, but it does show that there is no separation of scales for either the BPS and the non-BPS case, thus proving for supersymmetric AdS7 a well-known recent conjecture. We then use 7d gauged supergravity and a brane polarization computation to access part of the spectrum of KK scalars. The result signals an instability for all non-supersymmetric solutions except those that have a single D8 on each side. We finally look at non-perturbative instabilities, and find that NS5 bubbles make these remaining solutions decay.